Who is Amber?

Meet Amber

Hi. I’m Amber. We haven’t met, but I really think we should. I’m a 13+ year design and graphics pro. I’ve done the corporate 9-5 thing putting in the time learning, navigating and experiencing Fortune 500 companies, creative agencies and smaller direct to consumer business. It’s all lead to me to doing my own thing and launching Amber Design.

I grew up on a small five acre farm on the Kitsap Pennisula with her three sisters and many animals. My family raised peacocks, pheasents, geese, quail, rabbits, pigs, goats, and horses as well as many barn cats and a dog. I was an athlete and as a child and competed in baseball, fastpitch and cross-country and has a love for hockey and football. In college, at Western Washington University I was a coxswain for the men’s rowing crew and later a tournament water-skiier for club teams. After college, I found myself competing in NPC figure competitions and turned into national-level athlete as well as an ambassador and influencer for many fitness brands. I bring a outstanding work-ethic, drive and hustle becasue of my farm upbringing and athletic mindset.

Our Values


We are genuine and come in clutch.


We have empathy and respect for everyone.


We are dedicated to stellar design and solutions.


We aim for excellence in our creations and delivery.

Our Team

Rachel Sedwick

Operations Coordinator

Rachel has over 6 years of administration and operations experience across multiple industries and holds multiple Administrative Professional and Project Management certifications. I’ve known her for all of those years and as our relationship has grown, so has her knowledge and understanding of my business, my process and the graphic design industry.

Bryan Cummings

Creative Consultant

Bryan is principal/founder of Symmpatico and former chief creative officer at The Garrigan Lyman Group. He’s lived several lives launching new brands, products, and services for clients such as T-Mobile, Microsoft, Babolat, Philips Healthcare, and many others. For Amber Design, Bryan connects the dots between where brands live and what people are clamoring for.

Bryan Cummings Profile Consultant

Adam Jeffers

Graphic Designer

Adam, or “Jeffers” as he’s fondly known, resides in the forests of Maine and makes up Awesome Amber’s East Coast division. An industry pro since 2012, Jeffers has worn many design hats over the years but prefers branding, illustration, and photo editing projects. When he’s not pushing pixels on the computer, he’s out foraging mushrooms in his woods, traveling, or preparing an elaborate meal.

Rebecca Reynolds

Graphic Designer

Rebecca started her career in graphic design in Atlanta after graduating from Georgia Tech. At the end of 2018, she packed up and headed out west to sunny Los Angeles. She’s worked on a variety of projects from presentations to logos to live events and gets really excited to develop brand strategy and create beautiful websites. When she’s not behind a desk, you can likely find Rebecca teaching a dance class, cooking, learning something new from a podcast or book, or cruising down to the beach in her Mini Cooper with the sunroof open.
Ashley laabs profile strategist copywriter

Ashley Laabs

Strategist & Copywriter

Ashley Laabs is a freelance writer and content strategist based in Seattle. Her 10+ years of experience have run the gamut from managing a trade magazine to creating campaigns for global brands like Amazon and Acer. Among her clients, Ashley is known for backing up her strong creative ideas with processes and standards that help content run smoothly long beyond the scope of the project.

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