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We are a virtual boutique design agency specializing in brand development and identities, focusing on how those transpire to all parts of your business.

Our areas of expertise include strategic brand development, logos and brand identities. We apply those key foundational pieces to your marketing and sales efforts.

We collaborate with the client, helping with a multitude of marketing efforts. These include print options, such as brochures, packaging, magazine ads and trade show materials. We also deliver engagement driving digital collateral for responsive website design, social media, email nurture streams and display banner ads. Amber Design can be your one stop shop for all of your companies design needs!

Why Amber


Through dialogue and research, we will learn your business, it’s goals and customers’ motivations to help you better sell and promote your products and services.


We set clear expectations and always include next steps so you know where we are at in our unique design strategy. Our sure fire process will prove to give you the results you’re looking for.


Staying relevant with industry standards and trends is important while holding on to basic design principles. Our positive, energetic and passionate team will always work to bring you visual solutions to fit your unique needs.


We will be your cheerleader and teammate throughout the design process. We enjoy the creative process, as well as any challenges that arise throughout, taking a strong wingman position to see your project through to completion.

Ready to look your best?

Pair your already successful business with the branding you deserve!


Your company’s first impression on a client/consumer is your logo. It is the foundation and start of your brand. It speaks volumes about you. We are here to help you put your best foot forward from the very first impression.

Brand Identity

We will ensure that your brand has appeal. We will design a strategy through messaging and visuals, making your identity something to be proud of.


In today’s market, sales efforts inevitably drive consumers to your website. You need to capitalize on this, turning your website into a revenue engine. We’ll help design a website that impresses prospects and converts them into sales.

Marketing Collateral

We can design all forms of print and digital pieces needed to create awareness and drive sales for your company. These touch points are critical to a successful busniess.

What to expect

  • Discover

    We will learn about your business, industry, target audience and goals to ensure our designs align with your needs.

  • Design

    Working through our well honed design process, we will devise a creative plan to connect you with your audience and target clientele through the remarkable assets we create.

  • Deliver

    We love to come in clutch. We always strive to go above and beyond to deliver amazing designs to your exact specifications on time.

Don’t take our word for it

Raving Reviews

Ultimate Branding Checklist

Create brand consistency and awareness with this simple checklist.

Let me inspire your group

Hire me for speaking engagements! I talk with university and high school classes, as well as at business conferences. I have a unique story of how I have gone from designer to business owner and entrepreneur. I detail how trials and tribulations from my humble beginnings and abusive childhood have shaped who I am today, while I refused to be a victim of my circumstances, rather using them to help drive me to success.

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