Club Elevate


Club Elevate helps their members achieve maximum health, fitness and wellness through their unique training style. They wanted a unique wearable combination logo mark that was modern, unexpected and luxurious. Experience the next level of uplifting fitness at Club Elevate.


It is important I understand their business, industry, target demographic and goals before starting any project with a client.

Logo Activity

Next, I want to learn about their logo likes and dislikes. I ask lots of questions around font, color, layout and tone.


I also ask my clients about some of their local and national competition as well as whom they aspire to be like. I dive into the competitions branding and messaging.


Because this is a logo that lives within the gym and wellness space; I wanted to look at those logos too.


I wanted to also get inspired by the studio style and Florida wildlife.


We presented many symbol sketches from what we had learn from the client, their industry and location.


The client made sketch selections for us to digitalize and pair with customized fonts. I feel it’s important to present this phase as black and white only as humans are so influenced by color.

Color Exploration

The client selects a concept to refine and we present the next round with color options.

Final Logo

The client liked bits and pieces from the colors we presented to approve this logo.

Logo Solution

Together we created a unique, uplifting and sporty logo they are excited to share and add to swag.

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