Full Circle Ranch


A previous client came to me for another logo adventure, Full Circle Ranch. They had bought a ranch and a reining horse, King Kong, and were renovating the stables and equestrian. They needed signage to show off in the show arena.

Their goal is to provide a beautiful and peaceful environment for spirited top level show horses, trainers and riders to enjoy. Full Circle Ranch offers training and boarding facilities.

Discovery & Direction

The client provided sketches and direction.

logo direction from the client of sketches and ideas


Their new property and stable renovations were beautiful. These helped me get a feel for their ranch.

Full Circle Ranch property images and stable renovation mockups


King Kong is their premier stud they show. I needed to learn more about reining horse competitions and other big players in the arena.

King Kong reining competition horse


I was really inspired by their touching story and megestic cedar trees.

logo inspiration cedar trees, bows, branches and tree ring rounds.

Concept 1

I knew I needed to create a logo that could be used for diverse amount of use cases. Something unique, strong and feminine. I was inspired by the branding rod and cedar tree round.

Logo concept 1 for Full Circle Ranch feminine but strong Western Logo

Concept 2

This logo is reminiscent of the previous logo the client and I did together (which was a good thing). It brings it all together. The symbol includes cedar boughs, young cedar cones, the rising sun, mountains encompassed in a cedar round circle. The wordmark is a bold but feminine. The script with the serif font really drives home the Western feel.

Logo concept 2 for Full Circle Ranch feminine but strong Western Logo


The client loved the direction but wanted to see a few font options.

Logo refinements for Full Circle Ranch feminine but strong Western Logo


We needed to decide if the wordmark needed to include parts of they symbol by including part of the cedar branch. 

Logo refinements for Full Circle Ranch feminine but strong Western Logo

Color Palette 

We reviewed colors that reminded us of nature and the golden sun.

Logo color palette options

Selected color palette

We loved the cedar green, lake blue, golden sun and leather colors.

Full Circle Ranch color palette

Responsive logo set

In our digital era, I believe the client should be equiped with many logo variations for any use case they might need.

Full Circle Ranch responsive logo set for many use cases

Final Logo Solution

The Full Circle Ranch logo is successful in color and as a one-color option. There is a timeless Western feel about the wordmark and the symbol hits all the marks the client was hoping for.

Full Circle Ranch final logo solution

Brand Identity

This responsive vintage Western logo can be used anywhere and on anything.

Full Circle Ranch branding identity


The clients new logo mocked up on their stable renders. 

Logo mockups of Full Circle Ranch on their stable renovations renders and trailer

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