Autel Robotics


Autel Robotics build innovative solutions for aerial exploration through their market leading quadcopter and camera drone technology. Autel needed packaging and tradeshow collateral in short order. I worked with their team to get the job done on time.

Initial design layout

When I began working with Autel Robotics, they need a package but hadn’t gotten the die from China. They were still figuring out dimensions and how they wanted to display it on the shelf. Using one of their bigger drone packages, I created this first verison of their new package design for EVO.


We worked with China to get the die and we created many layout options to choose from. I got the images from their team in China since we in U.S didn’t have an accurate prototype. I provided best practices by adding Autel’s story and app features to the package.


China and U.S. teams had slightly different ideas as to how we were going to design the packaging and branding. I worked with the V.P of Marketing to sift through the discrepancies.


After many internal rounds of review here and abroad we landed on a package we could all be happy with. This product will be available in big box stores such as Best Buy and Target across America.

Trade show banners

The Autel Robtoics team and I worked together on popup banners for a CES trade show they had coming up just after the holidays. I provided many options and landed on these.

Bundle Packaging

Autel wanted to do special promotions with big box stores like BestBuy, Amazon and Fry’s. I worked with Autel to layout, photoshoot and photoshop the images to create these packages as well as find and broker a local print vendor to produce a small run of each package.

Bestbuy EVO drone display

Autel provided me with die lines and direction. I applied graphics and branding from their packaging to the die lines. These are proudly displayed at various Bestbuy locations nation-wide.

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