Brighton Jones


Brighton Jones is a wealth management company, which helps people navigate through their financial journey. They offer a holistic approach that includes long-term strategy to tax, estate planning, as well as investments. They engaged me for mockups for their new website, sales slicks and infographics. From there we work regularly on white papers, event collateral and interactive worksheets.

Website Mockups

Brighton Jones was working with a development company and needed a designer to help reach their visual goal. I mocked up numerous pages with Brighton Jones to present to the dev team to start building.

Careers Pages Mockups

When business is good you need to hire more quality people. Brighton Jones wanted to build a more robust careers page and department sub-category pages to help prospects learn, understand more about the company and apply. I provided mockups so the dev team could have clear direction of the vision of Brighton Jones.

Finacial Wellbeing

Brighton Jones works with companies as well as individuals. Their sales team/advisors needed sales slicks to help them prospect and educate leads.

Service Sales Slicks

Along with their new website they needed to update their four main service sales slicks Financial Planning, Investment Philosophy, Retirement Plan Advisors and Tax Estate Planning. We wanted to add more humanity and color to the slicks.


We created gated pieces of content called Retirement Ready, Your Guide to Understanding and Navigating Social Security Benefits. With Brighton Jones’ fresh look in mind, I created a white paper.

Pocket Folder

.Brighton Jones wanted to step up their branding. The advisors/sales team needed something to hold their custom set of sales slicks, welcome book, worksheets and newspaper articles when heading into a meeting for a leave behind. I provided many options for them to select from. I worked with their printer and went on press-check to make sure the pantone brown turned out correctly.

Event Booklet

Brighton Jones worked with Washington Women’s Foundation to host a philanthropy event. I combined copy and images to create a clean 2-up saddle stitch booklet for the event.

Team Week Design

BE A NINJA was Brighton Jones Team Week Theme. I worked with them to create a custom design that carried across bandanas, PowerPoint templates, socks, t-shirts, agendas and flip-books. I coordinated print venders and logistics.

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