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The owner recently decided to go independent and create a wealth management company that doesn’t look like your “grandpa’s” financial planner. It will be innovative and data driven with a unique white-glove remote service. His office is anywhere in the world and business meetings are where ever’s convenient to you. He is building a unique brand based on quality and integrity and wanted a logo that would instill trust and confidence.


I first need to learn a little about the owner’s history, goals and aspirations. I have all my clients complete a discovery questionaire.

Logo Activity

To help focus my logo solution efforts, I ask my clients to play a logo activity. I learn a lot about their preferences.

Research – Competition

I researched local and national financial wealth advisors so I could better see how they portray themselves.

Research – Financial Institutions

Next, I looked at the leading banks and lender logos to see what those looked liked.

Moodboard – Tombstone

After several chats with the owner, it was apparent he might be interested in a theme. This moodbaord represents a classy, whiskey-bar, Tombstone vibe.

Moodboard – Art Deco

Whiskey bars can feel more western or art deco and I wanted to make sure on the direction before beginning my sketches and font discovery.


I looked at Whiskey, Bourbon, Distillery, Brandy, Cigar brands as well as many other logos for inspiration. I tried to create an interesting mark that said unique, timeless and refined.


Wealth Refined selected the diamond bull head idea. A bull in the financial industry means good markets. A diamond shape is strong and means luxury.

Concept redirect

After reviewing the options, the client decided he wanted a “full body” bull instead.

Color options

The client selected a strong, head-down bull I created from a bull image. Angular was also feedback given. From there, I selected rich color palettes inspired by whiskey rooms.


Wealth Refined loved the colors and the symbol but wanted to see a few more font options and bold/unbold vs one word/two words variations.

Responsive Logo Set

This is a responsive logo. No matter the use case, Wealth Refined can use the logo that matches the space.

Final Solution

Wealth Refined selected a timeless, vintage and strong logo that matches his whiskey bar style. It is perfect for the launch of his financial planning company.

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