Cascadia Seismic


The owner and I worked together to create this logo. Cascadia Seismic is a company that retrofits houses to withstand earthquakes by securing them to their foundation. I knew I wanted to take what his company’s mission and combine it with his passion for the outdoors. launch website.



The owner and I worked together to find examples of logos in the world to drive our inspiration.


From this inspiration I began sketching out ideas.

Font Exploration

Once the owner selected a few sketches he liked I begin hunting for the perfect font. Tough job for a designer. I knew I wanted it to have some character and hint to a vintage rustic feel.


Then I brought my sketches to life in illustrator exploring different trees, mountains, fonts and layouts.


The owner made his selection but we weren’t happy with the font option that was with that layout. So I explored other fonts with the layout he selected. We went with the second one in from the left because it had a nice upper and lower case options and still had a lot of character.

Color Exploration

Now that the logo was successful as a black and white I wanted to explore color treatments.

Logo Color Options

I shared a few color options with the client so as not to overwhelm him. We actually went with a combination of the top two.

Final Logo

We went with a solid Pacific Northwest color palette. This logo looks good as a single color and full-color option. We created a beautiful, unique and classic logo that is sure to get respect in his industry and in the greater Seattle area.

Business Card

I gave Dave a couple options to choose from. I had this great idea of adding a soil earth texture to the back of the card. Dave wanted to choose a color for the back that he could still write on. This hunter orange is perfect.


I worked with the owner to find a website management system that he could edit on his own in the future. We selected a SquareSpace template and I got him started by building the pages, customizing it with his new logo, colors and fonts. I worked with him to write content and select images that were friendly and welcoming. launch website.


The owner loves his new brand so much he had custom t-shirts and hats printed. His new brand is truly coming to life.

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