Just Made


Just Made creates sugar-free, keto friendly, gluten-free and grain free baked goods meant to help families reduce sugar one bite at a time. The baked goods can be found in grocery stores and online. The client came to us wanting updated packaging for a few of their items so that they could tap into a more luxury grocery market.

Packaging – Before & After

We started the project with updating the cupcake and loaf cake packaging. The goal was to create a higher-end look so that a higher-end market retailer would accept the products. We also worked with the client on finding colors to match their available flavors.

cupcake packaging and colors
loaf cake packaging and colors

Icing Packaging

Once we were all happy with the new look for the baked goods, we moved on to the icing. We wanted a fun, clean look that would make the product “pop” off the shelves. We designed the pouches so the client would have the ability to add nutrition labels and barcodes.

icing pouches
icing pouches and packaging
chocolate frosting packaging


The Just Made client is happy with their updated packaging and we’ve already seen our new designs out in the wild!

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