Craftsman Plumbing


The owner and I worked together to create a logo that meant dependable, trustworthy and quality. I wanted to create a classic timeless logo and brand. I had to beware of trademark infringements. launch website



The Discovery phase allows me to discover and research companies in and out of the clients industry. This helps the client and I create a mood board and direction.


The next phase is sketching. I take pieces of what I like from the mood board and brief and begin sketching. We had a couple rounds in the sketching phase to find things the client liked.


Once the client has picked a few sketches they like I begin digitalizing. I discover fonts and bring my sketches to life.


After finding fonts and elements I like I begin pairing them together. The client and I at this point could figure out if we wanted to go with a clean san serif font or a vintage script. We eventually went with the script and I began evolving and customizing the font to be exactly what we wanted.


After we decide on a logo. I deliver the fonts and colors.


Craftsman Plumbing needed business cards, letterhead, envelopes and a thank you card right away. I created several concepts, lockups and ideas for the client to choose from.


Then we worked together to create a professional website on square space. I taught him how to edit the site after I set up the templates. launch website


We have continued working together to create print ads for local papers and magazines.

Truck advertising

It has been amazing to watch Craftsman Plumbing go from one truck to four!

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