Brenthaven is a local company that produces innovative, high-quality and beautiful bags and accessories for your daily needs. We have worked together on a few projects.

Email concept 1

Brenthaven came to me wanting a fresh set of eyes on their email marketing and give some new ideas. I researched email blasts of REI, Nordstrom, DSW, Under Armour, Nike and Fabletics. These companies are amazing at focusing their product marketing toward the person and how their products will improve their lifestyles. There are a couple things in my opinion that the current email marketing is missing, it is too flat and static, they needed to target the demographic the bag is for, there wasn’t enough lifestyle photography, they needed to consider a “you might like this” section or “up-sell” sections and there wasn’t mention of the lifetime guarantee. All these things might add to the ROI for the company. In my first concept I showcased a product line focusing on the bag but added animation to the bag to give more interest. I added a section to pick what type of device you might be shopping for and a guarantee section.

Email Concept 2

In concept two I focused on how the bag might improve and add value to a consumer’s lifestyle. Then I added a section on best sellers, accessories and lifetime guarantee. The use of lifestyle photography and unique copy addressed to the bag’s demographic is super important because it might spark how the produce will fit into their life and in turn lead to a purchase.

Print Ads & Digital Marketing

Print ad for Puget Sound Business Journal, email blasts and social media posts.

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