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Tutus & Tequila

Tutus & Tequila was founded to support survivors and/or those whom are struggling with disease, mental illness or domestic violence as well as to remember those whom we have lost to these terrible tragedies.
What is Tutus & Tequila you might ask?
I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been struck by cancers, diseases, mental illness or domestic violence. I lost a sister to cancer in 2002 and sister to mental illness in 2016 and I was a victim of domestic violence as a child and unfortunately know countless others who’ve been victims and survivors. I’d like to create a non-profit to help those in need or whom are struggling.

The idea was born out of self-care time with lady friends at the spa on my birthday. I like making tutus and very much love talking, tacos and tequila parties and who doesn’t like doing all of that on a Tuesday no less.

Create, sip and talk with us!

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What you’ll need

Now that you’ve ordered your boxes for your Tutus & Tequila party you can now invite all your friends over for Talks on a Tuesday with Tacos and Tequila. You’ll need the following for a successful party!


  • Tape to hold the ribbon down
  • Sissors to cut tulle to length
  • Jewel glue


  • Mix is provided in the kit
  • Tequila
  • Lime
  • Salt
  • Rocks

Forgo the party and just support.

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