How we impact

What and why Tutus & Tequila – you might ask?

I am founding Tutus & Tequila to support survivors and/or those whom are struggling with disease, mental illness or domestic violence as well as to remember those whom we have lost to these terrible tragedies. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been struck by cancers, diseases, mental illness or domestic violence. As you may know, I lost a sister to cancer in 2002, a sister to mental illness in 2016 and I am a survivor of an abusive narcissistic mother and postpartum depression and unfortunately know countless others who’ve been victims and survivors. I created this a non-profit to help those in need or whom are struggling.

America’s Dilemma

America is in the middle of a culture crisis. We don’t have enough social fabric sewing us together. Even though we are more “connected” through social media, humans feel more alone than ever. There is a rise of depression, anxiety and insomnia because of this lack of social fabric and interpersonal connection. People need to feel valued and loved and also have a sense of purpose and fulfillment to feel joy. Humans need to be in the presence of other humans to feel connected.

How Tutus & Tequila helps

Tutus & Tequila will offer a social experience to groups, in turn bringing people together through the power of creativity and socializing. By building communities and communion we can help those struggling by providing them with love, support and a positive outlet.

Our Experience

Tutus & Tequila will sell “do-it-yourself” themed tutu & margarita making kits. Each kit will supply you with enough tulle, ribbon, jewels, glue and margarita mix to make your own with friends and family. People can buy their themed Tutus & Tequila kits for at-home or virtual parties! Great for Talks on Taco Tuesdays! A place for people to create, share, support and laugh with each other.

Supported Charities

A portion of the proceeds go to some of my favorite non-profits.

Forgo the party and just support.

Amber looking over her shoulder and smiling

What you’ll need

Now that you’ve ordered your boxes for your Tutus & Tequila party you can now invite all your friends over for Talks on a Tuesday with Tacos and Tequila. You’ll need the following for a successful party!


  • Tape to hold the ribbon down
  • Sissors to cut tulle to length
  • Jewel glue


  • Tequila (reposado is my fav)
  • Orange 
  • Lime
  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Rocks (fancy work for ice)
  • Mint
  • Cocktail shaker

Create, sip, and talk with us!

Share your experience with us!

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