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While contracting with Possible Digital Agency. I helped create solutions for five Global Engagement Platforms (GEPs). I worked with their account managers, creative directors, program and project managers, strategists, MarSci, copywriters and media teams. The GEPs included Azure, Biz Apps, Mobile Application Development (MAD) focusing on Dynamics 365, Mission Critical Intelligence (MCI) focusing on SQL Server and Digital Transformation. Work included concepting, designing and strategizing for brand refreshes, events, illustrations for infographics, social and display banner efforts, eGuides and e-mail nurture streams. Cloud is a huge part of Microsoft’s offerings and revenue. This partnership is a big opportunity to grow their business objectives.

Azure Paid Social Refresh

The Azure team requested us to refresh the images and copy for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The ads focused on “Understanding Azure” eGuide, a webinar, “Cutting Right to the Code” eGuide and free trial. Collateral drove to gated and ungated pieces of content. Visit the Azure landing page

Azure Forrester Report BOM

The Azure Forrester Report BOM of assets designed to promote a section of the Forrester Technographic Survey that focuses on the increasing importance of open source in Enterprise tech strategy. The BOM included assets for their registration page, display and social banners, promo, nurture and thank you emails focusing on developers and ITDMs.

Azure Ad Banner Refresh

Azure gave us current and previous social banners and tasked us with updating them to the new look and feel. Topics included Forrester TEI, Enterprise Cloud Strategy eBook, Cut to the Code and Developers Guide to Azure.

MCI Brand Refresh

With data growing there is business need to harness the competitive advantages this offers. Likewise there’s pressure to move to the cloud, lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve scale – all the while remaining secure and compliant. MCI wanted a new look and feel. We did a competitive snapshot of Oracle, SAP, IBM and HP to get an understanding of their message and visuals. We knew our audience was ITDM, DBA and BDM. We gave the MCI client 3 concepts, each with a different messaging and style. We created mood boards with sample headlines and copy for compete, modernization and TCO tool.

Microsoft Data Moment AMP

We used some of what we were pitching for the new MCI look and feel for an event that was April 19, 2017. We pitched name options and two look and feels. Concept 1– data is everything, and everywhere. Nobody knows that better than us. We show data as all-encompassing by visually overlaying and animating data representations in real world environments. Concept 2 – Making sense. Our main problem with data is not getting it, but making sense of it. We love the challenge but welcome the tools to make it easier. Visually, we show the beautiful disorganization of fractalized imagery, and animate it to become simple, beautiful and identifiable parts of our environment.

MCI TCO Calculator

The business goal is to encourage a switch from their current data base software and server implementation to SQL Server 2016. We first created a new unique look for MCI then applied it to the TCO Calculator campaign. We created landing and registration page banners as well as social, display and native banners.

MAD eGuides

Taking inspiration from Microsoft’s Cloud Platform landing page and some of their current eBooks, our team designed two new eGuides for MAD. “Out-Mobile the Competition” (17 pages) and “The Enterprise Developer’s Guide to Building Five-Star Mobile Apps” (31 pages). I worked with Possible’s project manager, creative director and copy writer. View the Out-Mobile eGuide. View the Enterprise Developers Guide.

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