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Bias Intelligence invents agile/nimble solutions that optimize how businesses run with goals measured in outcomes that empower humans to make better decisions. Bias takes a broad view of the business and the environment in which it operates with tools that drive data and analytics to make informed decisions in real-time so businesses can pivot to meet changing realities and demands.

Original Logo

They were redoing their website and decied their original logo was ready to sunset. We learned a lot about their services and intellience through case studies and discovery.

Research – Competition

We researched national and global logistics and analytics companies so we could better see how we could set Bias apart.

Logo examples for competition of Bias intelligence along with website screenshots

Logo Activity

We had the client do a logo activity where they show us logos they like and connect with. We were also influenced by  Jordan Crown’s website mockups.

examples of logos bias liked and website screenshots

Research – Technology

Next, we looked at the leading technology, logistics, science and AI logos to see what those looked like.

collection of technology logos
collection of logistics logos
collection of AI logos
collection of science logos


We were influenced by the movement of date through imagery and line art.

data and line art inspiration


We looked at data and logistics visuals and line icons as well as many other logos for inspiration. We tried to create a modern and sophisticated mark that combines the movement of a logistics system built on science and algorithms.

collection of pencil sketch logos

Digital Concepts

Bias selected their favorite concepts for us to digitize. We first take a look at them in black and white with various font choices.

collection of black digital logo concepts


After reviewing the options, the client selected the abstract “b” in a technological pattern and wanted to see it in different stacked versus horizontal styles.

varying styles of a single logo of an abstract "b"

Color options

The client’s next step is to select a color palette for their chosen logo. They liked gold and yellow tones. Yellow is logical, friendly, positive, forward thinking and confident.

new bias logo in various color options

Responsive Logo Set

This is a responsive logo. No matter the use case, Bias Intelligence can use the logo that matches the space.

Final Solution

Bias Intelligence selected a strong, modern logo that matches their data-driven mission. It is perfect for taking their company to the next level, and it looks sophisticated on their new website as well as the power point templates we created for them.

before and after of the bias logo
bias logo on various backgrounds and on promotional items
screenshot of the new bias logo on their website
Bias Power Point

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