Onvia 8 is a sales intelligence platform that enables businesses to manage leads, pursue deals faster and plan strategically to get ahead of the bid. While on a ten-week contract, I joined a great team of professionals and helped them design print and digital collateral for use in closing sales, retaining clients and a product launch roadshow in ten locations nationwide.

Onvia 8 landing page

During my tenure with Onvia, I worked closely with the art director, product marketer,marketing director and content developers to design, develop and implement the new product launch page – Onvia 8. The new section on the website and supplemental pages outlined the new product version, its features and functionality. This content was in conjunction with a holistic effort to bring additional clarity to the product and its value. View the Onvia 8 launch page and overview video.

Onvia 8 subscription page

With the launch of Onvia 8, subscription tiers were refreshed. Working with the art director and Drupal developers, I guided the design and assisted with the development of a responsive, easy-to-use table inspired from the print version. Since the launch of this page in September 2017, traffic converted at over 6%. View the Onvia 8 subscription page.

Marketo nurture emails

I partnered with the marketing director, product marketer and email specialist to improve the look and flow of the email templates being used to convert customers and educate clients. The renewed look-and-feel directly impacted the improved click-through rate.


The team produced multiple blogs each week in support of their content-driven marketing strategy. I supported this effort by maintaining the website listing and social media imagery using the designated brand guidelines.

Display ads

Working with Ignite and the SVP of marketing I helped the team with two sets of paid display banners. One set was focused on the company and the other was focused on the Onvia 8 PAAS product.

Gmail email ads

The team and I also created Gmail ads. The subject line was “Find Government Bids” and the preview copy was “Onvia gives you the tools you need to win more public sector business.”

Sales slicks

I collaborated with the sales team and product marketer to create sales slicks that drove towards revenue goals.

Sales folder

To support the national roadshow, the art director, product marketer, copywriter, marketing coordinator and marketing SVP worked together to develop a sales folder outlining the new Onvia 8 product. View sales brochure.

OnTour pop-up and wall banners

I collaborated with the art director to design and develop wall banners for the roadshow locations, and then coordinated the shipping logistics to ensure timely delivery.

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