WineBid Online Auction


WineBid is an online auction website and mobile application platform. They work with consignors and buyers to sell wine online. They offer a white-glove service, top-notch process and quick payment. WineBid wanted my design expertise to help them with some mobile website mockups, marketing collateral and sales materials.

Facebook Carousel Ads

WineBid sells wines on their auction platform but need supply on sellers. I worked with the WineBid team to create targeted Facebook add to gather more wine supply. I supplied three directions and landed on this one that was approved through FB’s approval software.

Targeted Paid Display Ads

I supplied three design directions based on their brand guidelines and target demographic.

Paid Social Ads

WineBid selected a bright, bold and eye catching design sure to convert any wine seller and collector.

Company and Marketing Collateral

The CEO needed a PowerPoint template to give presentations of his vision and progress, the sales team need a consignor sell sheet I created in English and French and the company wanted a custom gift card to send to people to share good fortune.

Sell Page Website Mockup

WineBid needs to update the responsiveness of their website with mobile first in mind. They asked me to mockup a new seller page focusing on the sales funnel. Sections included Why WineBid, Testimonies, Process and simplified appraisal form. We went through several rounds of design and offered several flow solutions. I also recommended updating their navigation, promo and footer sections to add more content viewing space to the page and to make them less clunky.

Careers Page Website Mockup

WineBid later needed help with their careers landing and job listing pages. I guided them to add more visual elements and humanity to the page. I recommended GlassDoor testimonies, benefits, perks, gallery and video sections to the page. I had to work within their development parameters and content management system.

Blog Website Mockup

On this project I gave WineBid an industry standard of blog layout in desktop and mobile layouts. I suggested “violator” blade sections like “Request a Free Appraisal” or “Subscribe to our Newsletter” between blog post listings.

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