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Caliber’s marketing director approached me needing consistent house listing flyers, brochures and presentations for their agents to use. From their the work moved to speaker events, informational brochures, business cards, website updates and much more.

Home listing bi-fold and flyers

Agents were using several different solutions to present their home to the public. The marketing director and I worked together to create templates that we made interactive in Canvas. Having a consistent professional look matters.

Brand Identity

Caliber needed a professional pocket folder for their clients to deliver listing flyers and company information as well as business cards. The business card project was much like the listing flyers and brochures. Individuals needed to have access to a Caliber Canva template for them to update information and reorder. I guided them down my sure-fire design process showing them several solutions. Caliber wanted to keep it clean and professional.

Listing Agent template

Caliber needed a professional brand template for agents to use when introducing themselves and walk-through of why a home owner should work with Caliber. We create a high res PowerPoint with master slides for agents to put in their images, testimonies and information.

Investment Property Case Studies

Caliber and I worked together with their web developer to create an interactive before/after case study webpage and then created a print version. Take a peek >

Investment Brochure

I presented several types of brochure options and landed on a gate-fold. I worked with them to add more visual elements while respecting their brand guidelines.


Caliber wants to be the leader in real estate and invesment properties. Educating and mentoring is a great way to do this. I worked with the owners, sales, contractors and agent partners to create presentation decks for their monthly seminars.


Blueprint for the multi-millionaire real estate agent is a gated piece of content focused on veterened agents to excel to the next level. Caliber wants to show them how to do it with their sure-fire process.

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