Crest Realty


Crest Realty is the property management sector of its parent company Summit Development Group. Summit acquires, develops, builds and manages commercial and residential projects. Crest Realty will take the same level of care and responsibility to client’s assets with quality service in management, accountants and supervisory personnel. Crest Realty is also a full-service real estate brokerage and want to help you get the highest dollar value for your property. Crest Realty needs to look like a sister company to Summit Development. This could be solved by font and color. The logo needs to be readable at all sizes, from letterhead to a vehicle and billboard.

Parent company

Summit Development Group acquires, develops, builds and manages commercial and residential projects.

Inspiration by words

Sometimes by looking at a thesaurus to find synonyms I will find inspiration.


I looked at Summit’s logo and found inspiration in other logos.


I took inspiration from the Summit Development logo. Using the simple stroke triangle mountain peak form as my main inspiration. I thought of ways how you can build on that shape to create the sister brand of unifying peaks.


The digital concepts are based off the Summit logo and page two, bottom-left preferred sketches. I wanted to show the Summit logo next to the new logo so we can see how they look together. I also wanted to show the typography difference between “Realty Property” and just “Realty” and have a conversation around that.

Color exploration

I wanted to show the Summit logo with it’s brand color along with Crest Realty concept and color options.

Solution Color Exploration

We selected the top right row from the last round. This page is to show two-color symbol and wordmark options.

Final Logo Solution

The client chose the right side, blue solution for their new logo. Crest Realty and Summit Development Group logos look great side by side with distinct main colors. But the color system of the whole company are harmonic.


After the logo was delivered. I created a business card, PowerPoint and Letterhead templates based on their Summit Development Group collateral.

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