Chasing Underwater Drones


Chasing wanted to launch a new product; Chasing Dory through Kickstarter, a crowd funding platform. I helped their team with the sales funnel, wireframe flows, page mockup, production, build and copy-writing for this original project together. From there I have helped them with Oceans and CES trade show booths.


I took in all the factory and marketing documents for Chasing Dory. I then helped the team with the Kickstarter page flow; who is Chasing, what is Dory, what are the top three reasons a consumer needs it, who is the consumer, what are the key features and benefits etc. I then mocked up the page based on their website as design inspiration. Their team worked hard to gather images and video to fill in the page. I brought on a senior copy-writer to help with the playful tone and messaging of the product. Together we raised $240,736 in 30 days with 630 backers. Check out the page we created > *Note updates have been made since design delivery.

Oceans Tradeshow Mockups

In October, they attended a commercial trade show in Seattle called Oceans. Chasing’s Gladius Mini is the product of focus. It is still portable but is bigger and more stable than the Dory. We went through many rounds of mockups and headlines to come up with this final booth and kiosk design.

Oceans Tradeshow booth pictures

The sales rep mentioned they might have gotten as many compliments on the booth as he did drone inquiries. West Coast Exhibits did a great job printing and assembling these displays!

CES Tradeshow Mockups

I worked with the Chasing and West Coast Exhibits to design and build the graphic panels for this 30 x 40 foot CES booth. I proved their team with several options for each graphic panel before they approved and I build the full-size printer files to deliver to WCE to print, build and ship.

CES Tradeshow booth pictures

Great team effort. West Coast and Chasing working together on the design, I designed the graphic panels and West Coast printed and shipped it to the show. Chasing looks great and can demo their underwater drones.

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