Commercial Brokers Association and Jordan Crown came to me in partnership to create a new logo for the new website they were working on. CBA is a nonprofit that was founded in 1977 and provides commercial real estate management and administrative services in the state of Washington. They are a member-owned cooperative that provides market research, listings services, legal contracts, networking and education opportunities, association management services, industry lobbying, and arbitration to brokers and professionals in CRE-associated industries in the Pacific Northwest.


We first learn about the company’s history, services, goals and industry so we can better design seeing through their lens.
Commercial Broker Association logo original


We then take a peek at the local and national competition. We are looking at branding and messaging.
CRE companies

Logo Activity

Next, we look at their logo activity. These likes and dislikes can be from within their industry or others. We are looking for client preferences and styles.
Logo Activity

Research – CRE logos

My team researched other Commercial Real Estate logos for general knowledge and understanding of the space.

Commercial Real Estate Logos

Research – Real Estate logos

We also got a lay of the land with various real estate companies. 

real estate logos

Research – Property Management

We are looking at what the industry is doing as to no copy and possibly cherry-pick things that are successful.

property management logos


Our team looked at lots of unique buildings, architechure and art deco for logo inspiration. 

architecture, buildings and art deco

Inspiration – Logos

We looked at two directions. Modern Art Deco and technology app. 

Logo inspiration


After looking at other acronym/monogram logos, word lists and icons we sketched ideas focusing on the logo symbol. 

CBA Logo Sketches


The client made sketch selections. Then my team digitalized them and paired them for appropriate custom wordmarks. We’ll include the “riffs” and pull out our selections to present. 

CBA logo concetps
CBA logo concepts

Color Exploration

We looked at many color palate options explaining the pros and cons as well as psychology and industry.
CBA color exploration

Before vs After

The team decided to go with slight brighter variations of their old color palette.
Commercial Broker Association Logo Before and After

Logo Solution

Commercial Broker Association went with a modern, trustworthy and strong logo that says commercial real estate and connection without being childish. Technology that connects and guides members to futures. Property that transpires into prosperity for both the broker and business.

Commercial Broker Association CBA Logo Solution
CBA logo colors on promo

Brand Identity 

After the logo was created we collaborated to create a visual identity. We created mood boards and went through a four round process to create their new letterhead, envelopes, business cards and PowerPoint template.
CBA brand identity

Brand Identity Solution

Commercial Broker Association CBA branding identity stationery PowerPoint


Then we created marketing collateral for them to attract new members. We took design cues from Jordan Crown’s website design and CBA’s new branding to create their gate-fold brochure and flyer.
Commercial Brokers Association marketing brochure and flyer


Once the logo and identity was completed, Jordan Crown our WordPress developer partner designed and developed their website. Check it out >

CBA WordPress website design and developing

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