Creating the Complete Content Marketing Package for your Website Launch

January 15, 2021

What should be on your website? Who is it for? What problem are you solving for them? These are all the things I consider when working with my clients and helps me determine the best sales funnel flow, layout and content modules used in a website design. I will also enlist the help of videographers and copywriters to add to my design and photography skills.

Here are some ideas to consider for your website to help convert prospective clients or customers into sales or contracts.

If you are a service:

  • Consider a photoshoot of your employees in action. This could be as simple as an employee on the phone in your office, or possibly during a customer interaction. People want to see who they would be working with or purchasing from. An inviting photo of a team member may just be what helps to close the deal.
  • Consider video, including such information as a brief overview of your company, how and why you got started. You may also break down your process or work flow, a bit of a “what to expect” tutorial. People want to understand what they are paying for, and what it entails.
  • Compile interesting statistics, certifications, case studies and testimonials. Anything that will set you apart from your competition. People are looking for experience, as well as qualified and vetted people/companies to work with.

If you sell a product:

  • Get professional product shots on both flat and lifestyle backgrounds. While plain backgrounds work well in ecommerce situations, lifestyle backgrounds are more visually interesting and sell people more quickly on your product.
  • Shoot your products being worn or used. Allow customers to envision how they will use these products and how they might improve their lives. These “in the wild” moments can be critical on both your website, as well as your social media platforms.

A recent collaborative project was with FSA Proshop, in which I designed their new Shopify website. But I didn’t stop at just a website design, I also helped create content to fill it, launch it and market it to quickly gain a return on their investment. I’m a believer in the “right tool for the job,” so I enlisted several partners to help me. A copywriter/marketing strategist, Shopify web developers, a videographer and an advertising agency to make this project a success. Deliverables included video clips for the homepage as well as email newsletters, two brand sizzle reels, copywriting for the website, social media posts and banners, nurture stream emails and display ads, development for a website, and AI programmatic retargeting ads for B2B and B2C demographics. We worked as a team to support FSA’s goals and objectives and are all immensely proud of the work we did together. Check out the work we did >

When you work with Amber Design, you will gain access to my vetted and qualified vendor roster. I have many copywriters who can help craft the language and words of your website, as well as videographers who will fit the budget and needs of any business. I have many web developers or agencies to pair you with that align to your goals, functionalities and objectives. Depending on your photography goals, I myself offer various services, or can enlist the services of other professional photographers.

I’d like to help you with more than just the website design; I want to help you develop the content and strategy to make you and your business a huge success. Let’s start a conversation today!

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