How to Come Back After Setbacks in your Career

February 7, 2022

We all experience setbacks here and there. Life has a funny way of taking us on a ride that despite a planned route with specific rest stops and a destination in mind, sometimes ends up looking very different than originally planned with roadblocks we have to overcome and often a different direction entirely.

In this episode, Amber and Rachel talk about the various obstacles that have come up along the way in Amber’s path from college student working 3 jobs to where she is now–wife and mom of two boys who owns her own graphic design business, leads a team of design contractors, and works with brands from all different industries across the world.

“I remember I kept getting turned down at interviews because I was too green or they could tell I didn’t have enough work experience. And [during the recession] they were hiring senior designers for junior rates because they knew they could…So at one point I took the dates off my resume, and I remember that being a BIG door opener for me. As soon as I did that, I started to get more phone calls.”

Setbacks don’t have to truly hold you back from what you desire most in life. They can if you let them though, because they don’t always go away on their own. So its important to reflect on what it is holding you back in the pursuit of your goals and make a plan to move past that or find a solution to the problem that is each obstacle.

Click on any of the links below to listen to this episode of Amber Energy and get the whole story and all the juicy nuggets of wisdom on how to come back from setbacks in your career.

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