Fighting the #WorkingMom with guest Disha Pegu

April 18, 2022

What’s your definition of a “Working Mom”? Is it simply being employed or running a business while being a mom? What about the work of simply being a mom? Employed or not, all moms WORK.

..which is why we think its time to retire the hashtag #workingmom. In this installment of Amber Energy we talk all about this subject and we’re joined by a special guest, Disha Pegu of Atarim, a website project delivery system based in London! This episode is a little ‘preview’ to the upcoming presentation Amber will be doing at the Atarim Digital Agency Summit next week on April 27th.

This episode is a candid conversation about what it is to be a mom and how much work it is by itself, not to mention if you have a job or run a business at the same time. We talk gender equality, family and office dynamics, and offer solid advice on how to balance being a mom (or dad) while also following your career and business dreams.

There’s some moms out there that, deep down, really deep down wish they had a job or…maybe they passed up an opportunity or got offered a promotion but they didn’t because they felt guilty because then their kids wouldnt be with them 24/7. There’s a lot of guilt around that that we still have and we guilt women into that.”

You can register for the Atarim Digital Agency Summit for free and watch Amber as well as a number of other fabulous presenters on various subjects by clicking here. Save the date for Amber’s presentation, happening Wednesday April 27 at 1pm PST/4pm EST.

Click on any of the links below to listen to this episode of Amber Energy and get the tea on what we think about the hashtag #workingmom and how you can fight it as a mom no matter what your work looks like.

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