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Becoming an Entrepreneur – Columbia College

February 14, 2022

Amber speaks to the marketing class at Columbia College on how to be an entrepreneur and make it in your chosen field by recounting her own experiences, lessons and wisdom.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:10: Amber’s background and journey of entrepreneurship
  • 09:50: Sales Funnels
  • 13:25: what’s been the hardest part of owning and running your own business? Was there ever a point where you thought you’d need to go back to working for someone else?
  • 16:25: Marketing Strategy
  • 21:50: How did you go about doing your own business’s marketing? Did you do ads on IG or Facebook?
  • 28:00: How do you help entrepreneurs and small business owners?
  • 29:45: Do you think all your follow up practices help get you more business?
  • 32:20: Advice for young entrepreneurs and going out on their own
  • 35:05: What kind of sacrifices does a young business owner need to make stepping into self employment

“Amber is an awesome powerhouse of knowledge. As a guest speaker in my marketing class, she connected with college students by sharing her story in an educational, entertaining, and engaging manner. Students benefited from a succinct, big picture approach to marketing with full scalability to private, non-profit, corporate, and government organizations and inspired them to greatness. I welcome her back anytime.” – Teresa Addison, Marketing Professor, Columbia College

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