History of Responsive Logos with Adam Jeffers

March 7, 2022

The constantly updating and growing world of technology has made us change how we as consumers see and interact with brands through their websites, logos and marketing. As times change, so must brands if they want to stay top of mind. That means designers have had to change and grow too.

In this installment of Amber Energy we have our first guest join us for a talk on responsive logos! Adam Jeffers is a designer who’s worked with Amber Design for just over a year. He specializes in Logos, icons, illustration and photo editing and has been a huge asset to the team.

This episode is a deep dive on responsive logos and websites and how they came to be from the early 2000s to now as technology, internet and social media has evolved.

“Its amazing what you can get away with with familiarity and shape and color at such a small and simplified logo version”

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Episodes will be aimed to release every other Monday wherever you listen to podcasts! Also Available on Youtube!

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