Spending Money to Make Money

March 21, 2022

These days you can start a business for relatively cheap. But how do you put your brand on the map? At a certain point, you’ll need to spend some money in order to make a little more of it.

In this installment of Amber Energy we talk MONEY! In the last 6 years, Amber went from part time contractor after getting laid off from her full time gig to full fledged business owner. She has her own employees, multiple growth projects on the pipeline, and big plans for the future. that didn’t happen without spending some serious cash.

This episode is a recounting of many big decisions made over the year to get Amber Design to where it is today, as well as invaluable lessons on starting a business and what you’ll need to succeed long term.

You live and learn…So I wouldn’t say there’s like, real big regrets or things I wish I would’ve done differently, it was just my natural organic progression in learning business. I didn’t learn business in school, I learned how to be a good graphic designer—but I learned the big business chops along the way.”

Click on any of the links below to listen to this episode of Amber Energy and get the inside scoop on how you as a business owner can (and probably should) spend some money in order to make more of it.

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