The Perfect Logo #BuildingYourBusiness Series

April 4, 2022

Today, Amber Energy: The Podcast embarks on a series we think will be appreciated by all business owners, but especially those of you who are just starting out or thinkig of starting a business soon. The #BuildingYourBusiness series will cover topics in-depth that are directly transferable to starting and building a solid business that will stand the test of time and your chosen industry.

First up: The Perfect Logo.

R: What is Amber’s Definition of a logo?

A: It’s a visual representation of your brand. It’s the first impression typically of your brand and what your company says. It’s a symbol. You can learn a lot from a logo; it says a lot about you at a glance. It’s that 3-second conceptual representation of your brand.

R: Why do you like working on logos?

A: They’re the foundation of a brand, its why I like them so much. They say so much about you without saying anything at all. Like, how does this little button bug encapsulate the concept of your brand? Its fun to come up with something unique. From the logo everything else just spins off of it to all aspects of the business.

This is one of those episodes you may want to take notes on! In it we talk about what makes a strong logo that attracts customers–your number one goal–as well as how the logo creation process works when you have a graphic design firm like Amber Design either create a new logo from scratch or refresh/revamp your current logo.

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Are you a hopeful or brand new business owner? Do you know what your business needs to have a strong brand? Do you have “The Perfect Logo”? Make sure you download our branding checklist here to make sure.

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