The Role of Storytelling in Branding | Amber Energy Podcast

June 14, 2024

In this episode of the Amber Energy Podcast, we dive deep into the world of video marketing with Taylor Rubart, the founder of Flannel Media. Taylor shares his journey from a ninth-grade video production class to running a successful media company that specializes in video production, storytelling, and marketing strategy.

🎥 In this episode:

– The importance of representing your brand well online.

– Taylor’s early experiences in video production. – The role of storytelling in building meaningful connections.

– The evolution of storytelling from ancient times to social media.

– Behind the scenes of a 20th-anniversary video project for a major client.

– Tips on creating engaging and impactful video content.

🔗 Connect with Taylor Rubart:

– Flannel Media Website – https://flannelmedia.com/

– LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylorrubart/

-Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/flannelmedia_/

-Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/flannelmediavids

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Your websites, your storefronts. And if you’re not representing well, if you’re not positioned well, people are going to choose other companies over you. I mean, that’s just human nature. We all humans need to feel meaning and value in our lives to be happy, to feel joy. Most humans need that sort of like human connection, to feel those types of things.

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How are you showing up online? Is it engaging? And let’s look at your competition and are they more engaged in the new or are you more engaging in them?

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Hello and welcome to Amir Energy, the podcast where we cover business topics of entrepreneurship and everything in between. Today we have guest Taylor Rubel with Flannel Media. We’re going to be here. Yeah. So exciting. It is Friday eve and Taylor is the owner of Flannel Media. They do video production stories scripting our script, writing production and marketing. Actually, they do a lot of little bit of marketing as well.

00:01:08:19 – 00:01:32:18

Strategy. And so, Taylor, why don’t you take it away, introduce a little bit more about yourself? Yeah. So I first got into video production in ninth grade and took I took a video production class and had been doing that for a while and the basketball coach came to me and he was from the high school and I was at the junior high and he said, you know, got 40 hours of game footage for you to go through and I’ll pay a hundred bucks to edit it into a highlight reel.

00:01:32:18 – 00:02:01:13

And I was like, Oh my gosh, $2. Like, that’s amazing. You can get paid for this. So yeah, that was that was my very first introduction to video production. And then from there it’s just been it’s just been doing corporate clients. I’ve done, I’ve done weddings and then soccer highlight reels. And Amber, we were talking about this when I, when I got to visit you a few weeks ago, we were talking about how we first met and I actually filmed your wedding, what was was about eight years ago now.

00:02:01:15 – 00:02:20:03

Yeah, September of 2015 was when we got married. And you were our videographer. Yeah, that’s right. I still watch it and teary eyed every year. Oh, well, there you go. There you go. Testament to my work. There you go. I make my husband and I or my husband. Not that he doesn’t like Kari. Of course he wants to.

00:02:20:03 – 00:02:47:02

But we watch it every year for the anniversary, and it’s like near and dear to my heart. Yes. Well, thank you for doing such an amazing job for us. It’ll be something that we treasure for decades to come. Absolutely. Yeah. So? So from there, it just went to right now, where I’m at, I would say, is more so helping companies with brand strategy, with how they want to be positioned and then using video to better position them in the marketplace.

00:02:47:04 – 00:03:06:09

One of the things I always say is perception is reality. And so when you can better position a company, they’re perceived differently and they get different opportunities. You know, different people want to work there better. People want to work there, they get better clients. Yeah. So that’s it’s all about how do we how do we understand what the company’s about?

00:03:06:09 – 00:03:35:09

Take their uniqueness and then show that in in video. Precisely, Yeah. Video is king or queen these days. I mean, that’s why YouTube and Tik Tok are all so successful right now. And that’s why, you know, Instagram and Facebook have sort of taken some of those pages out of those books and kind of gotten to more stories and reels and various things because, you know, humans connect with video far better than just images.

00:03:35:11 – 00:03:55:08

Right. Right. And I think I think it’s fundamental. You know, you look at storytelling has been around for thousands and thousands of years and it’s the mediums have, of course, changed. But at the end of the day, it’s it’s storytelling. And that’s what humans are attracted to. They they tell stories. That’s how we make meaning in our lives.

00:03:55:10 – 00:04:12:15

Yeah, I often compare it to, you know, you’re driving down the road and somebody cuts you off and you can either think of a person’s asshole or you can think maybe they are late to a meeting and they’ve applied to a job and they really want this job. Or maybe their wife is in the back seat and she’s giving birth and, you know, he’s on the way to the hospital.

00:04:12:19 – 00:04:31:01

And so, you know, we interpret the world through stories. And so I think when you get to help people tell their story, it’s pretty fulfilling work. Well, I think that’s interesting. As I that’s just a whole empathy idea. Like, don’t you just get mad at the situation or at the person? You have no idea. Like putting yourself in their shoes.

00:04:31:01 – 00:04:51:21

So that’s like a whole different level of like human empathy, right, that you kind of let into of having that human empathy on people and giving them sort of the benefit of the doubt and an awful not so great situation. But that’s how you communicate good stories, too. Is that sort of like human humanity, human empathy through storytelling.

00:04:51:23 – 00:05:08:09

Yeah. Yeah. And we’re just we’re constantly telling stories whether or not we realize it. You know, you go throughout your day and you just think about how many times am I telling a story to myself? And you realize just the importance in the it’s almost like that that, you know, the fish swims up and to the other fish and he’s like, Hey, boys, how’s the water?

00:05:08:11 – 00:05:41:11

They turn to each other and that’s water breathing, hearing story all the time, you know. Well, I think it’s just interested. Interesting, the human progression, right? So like we you know, obviously humans have always told stories, whether they be in the legends or whether it be for folklore or whether it be about Greek gods to the Roman empires, to, you know, Native Americans, you know, Asian cultures, it doesn’t matter what culture does it matter what fertile crust you are from, you know, South America to Africa, to Antarctica and everywhere in between.

00:05:41:13 – 00:06:00:03

Humans have told stories since the dawn of time. And I think that’s fascinating because then there was, you know, then went from storytelling and then it went to the printing press. Right. And then that was a really cool revolution because then we could share stories through the printing press. And then it was like a revolution when we had the radio.

00:06:00:03 – 00:06:22:03

And then we could like share stories through the radio. And that was a huge revolution, obviously. And then now it’s like now. Then there was the TV and what now we can see the stories and how cool of a revolution that was. And now we’re at a whole new level of social media, the dawn of social media. And now we’ve got you know, YouTube and, you know, social media channels with video.

00:06:22:03 – 00:06:46:18

And so now we have a whole different way of sharing stories. And so it’s actually just sort of interesting to me to sort of see that evolution that is, you know, storytelling, book writing or wall scribing to, you know, printing press and beyond. Right. So the evolution of sharing of storytelling. And it’s interesting, I don’t know what the next one will be, but it’s sort of an interesting way of where we are now or evolution of storytelling.

00:06:46:24 – 00:07:15:24

Yeah, absolutely. Well, tell me a little bit on and I’ll give me like a fun pie of your week. Do you have something fun to share? Yeah. So I met with one of my clients, Cornerstone Journal or Contractors, and we are working on some internal marketing for them right now. So we’re doing an internal marketing piece. They’ve got their 20th year anniversary coming up and we’re creating really a video to highlight here all of the different accomplishments that we have, for lack of a better word, accomplished.

00:07:16:01 – 00:07:45:11

And taking a look at not only the people in the field that are actually, you know, doing the swinging of hammers and more more technical work than that, but also the parts that are in the mothership that are making all of that work possible. And so everything from highlighting, you know, proposals sent to estimates, sent to DIY initiatives, really just highlighting and showing and honoring the work that that that people are doing because it’s really it’s meaningful work.

00:07:45:11 – 00:08:03:14

You know, they’re building mostly K through 12 schools really, you know, community community centered buildings. And when you think about that, that’s that’s where we do so much of our lives is, is in these buildings. And so yeah it’s really it’s really need to be able to honor honor people in that way. So that’s what we’re working on right now.

00:08:03:16 – 00:08:25:14

That’s really, really cool. Yeah, definitely takes a village, right? Like all persons are needed to make a company successful. Everything from the person throwing the hammer all the way, you know, to the, you know, project manager, account manager, supervisor, you know, to the owner and board of directors and above. Right. So H.R. takes H.R., it takes finances, it takes accounts payable.

00:08:25:14 – 00:08:50:05

It takes a lot to run a business, as we know. But then also, like you said, like that work that they’re doing, whether it be a school or a company or other like these are, it’s all about the work, too. So I think that’s really, really cool. So what kind of marketing bits are you doing for them? So basically we are telling the story of of the past 20 years and so giving people so they’re a great company.

00:08:50:07 – 00:09:13:12

Most people that work there will finish out their careers, they’re so low and then they’re for, you know, ten, 15 years and have really seen seen it go from a small family business to now. They’re one of the largest school builders in Washington state. And so really telling this evolution of what they’ve what they’ve done over the last 20 years, how they got there, and then also setting a vision for the future.

00:09:13:13 – 00:09:37:00

I think one of the thing we were talking about story earlier, one of the things people that I think is fundamental to people is they need meaning in their life. Everybody needs a sense of meaning. Everybody wants to be a part of a bigger story. And so that’s one of the things we’re doing from a strategic standpoint is helping people see themselves as you are, you know, critical in this story.

00:09:37:02 – 00:09:53:12

And so not only saying here’s where we’ve been, but also here’s where we’re going in the future and here’s what’s possible with the team that we’ve assembled. So, yeah, that’s really what we’re what we’re doing. Yeah, I think that’s that is really, really cool. I can’t wait to see the script, but like, I can’t wait to see that launch.

00:09:53:12 – 00:10:14:23

Will it be mostly video or will it be sort of like a different kind of launch strategy? More than that? Yeah. All video. All video strategy. Yes. So like I said, I think that’s a really I mean, that’s just human nature. We all humans need to feel meaning and value in their lives to be happy, to feel joy.

00:10:15:00 – 00:10:52:17

Most humans need that sort of like human connection, to feel those types of things. So that’s a really cool thing. That’s awesome. Yeah. Well, see here a hi from my week. A high from my week. Oh, we kicked off a new refresh branding project with a local marine time design firm out of the greater Seattle area. I can’t speak for whom they are, but I’m excited that we will be commencing some brand that development, messaging and brand identity work with a company.

00:10:52:17 – 00:11:16:24

They’ve been in business for 40 years and are ready for a little modernization, so I’m stoked. I just did a they’re an employee owned company and so I actually did a like all up hands open book management meeting and a presentation to the entire company. I think it was yesterday what they say Thursday. So I did it actually on Tuesday.

00:11:16:24 – 00:11:40:08

I think so. Very, very cool that we are launching into a new project with this firm and we’re super stoked to be starting that, actually working with Ashley on it with Composure Digital. Oh great. So she’ll be helping out with some of the brand messaging framework and getting that alignment to happen, right? So when you, when you go into a company like that, what are you what are you doing?

00:11:40:08 – 00:11:56:19

How do you how do you kick off that engagement? I’d love to hear just a little bit more about your process. Oh, sure. So in this case, the actually the business development person reached out to me. They found me on the Google webs. I think she had mentioned that she found me actually doing a top ten list somewhere in the world.

00:11:56:19 – 00:12:21:12

I’m kind of actually kind of curious now as to which one it was. Yeah, but anyway, she got my information from the Google searches. I’m looking for firms in the area. I’m still must be registered somewhere in the state of Washington as a woman on business. So I’m also got my woman on business certificate. And so she found me that way and really fell in love with my videos.

00:12:21:14 – 00:12:39:19

Thank you. And she fell in love with my process, my local process, my brand identity process. So she took a look at my portfolio, took a look at my process to get my videos, and she was instantly engaged with wanting to work with me. So she didn’t even need an email me. She put it right away, picked up the phone and called me.

00:12:39:19 – 00:12:56:04

So her and I had a really good situation. What? That’s what you want right there? Oh, yeah, right there. Bam! So she called me and I’m like, Oh, I love the fact that this is a you know, 206 number from from Washington. I presume, you know, the area code that you know what I was like. But it’s also election season.

00:12:56:04 – 00:13:20:20

So it should be it could be a telemarketer. I don’t know. So anyways, I picked up the phone. Good thing I did. Stephanie called me and we talked about, you know, what they are, who they are, what they’re doing. You know, they’ve been a business a long time. They’re sort of like that old guard, new guard thing happening with how people how those people talk about themselves, their process, their services and sort of there’s some misalignments on how they are and what they are.

00:13:20:22 – 00:13:47:02

So with that, the company was looking for just a brief brush thing to refresh their branding. They may need to refresh their logo. They kind of want to enter into some other markets. And so they feel that the time is now to to do that. And so from there, we took really great conversation as to how I operate my process, why people work with me, what we do, why we do it, how long I’ve been in business, a little bit about myself and the history.

00:13:47:02 – 00:14:09:06

And then she was like that. That sounds really great. These are some of the projects that I need that we have right now scoped out. So she asked me, you know, for all these different bits, you know, I need a I need some brand messaging, I need a logo, I need a brand identity. And we’ll probably even need a website and we’ll need some trade.

00:14:09:09 – 00:14:26:01

Trade shows up. And I was like, okay, well, we’ll give you a timeline. When what’s your ideal deadline? Normally clients, you know, pick a conference or they pick some kind of launch date, right? There’s always a work back schedule that they’re working from. I was like, she was like, Yeah, there’s a big conference in December, beginning of the summer.

00:14:26:01 – 00:14:40:19

We love to have, you know, everything done and ready to rumble by this launch. It was like, All right, switch like gives me all my work back schedule. So I asked for the work back schedule, sort of loose timeline of deadline. And then from there I was like, All right, great. Well, with all this information, I can now write an estimate.

00:14:40:21 – 00:15:09:09

So then I went back and wrote my estimate custom tailored to them and what their needs were. And actually we did three round two rounds, three rounds of estimate rights, because then she read it, presented it to the operations team, and then was like, okay, well, what if we could have her do a company meeting? So then they asked me to do add a line item for a company meeting, and then, well, what if we did like a companywide for you through our employee owned company could do a survey because she put together a survey for us.

00:15:09:09 – 00:15:22:07

So then I added a line item for that. So at the end of the day, we finally got the estimate, the way of all the check box. And then last thing was like, Oh, display ads, you know, because when we launch, you know, you have to if you build it, they won’t come. You have to build it and tell someone.

00:15:22:13 – 00:15:47:10

So then they’re like, Oh, we need to maybe some display ads or some other bits. Can you add that to the estimate too? So I have Hello, Of course, I certainly add those line items as investment slots for you to choose from. So then we just we went through three rounds of like updating the estimate to get it to a warm and fuzzy place for them where they just were like, click, click, click, click, click, all cart style investments and signed and dated it and away we go.

00:15:47:10 – 00:16:15:17

So that was a pretty pie was over two or three weeks to kind of get back and forth between her and the operations team to kind of, you know, get warm and fuzzy with signing and dating and based on the checkboxes for the investment. And then from there it was, okay, sweet, awesome. I will send out an invoice, here’s my W9, send it to her accounts payable and her who else I sent to.

00:16:15:19 – 00:16:47:17

Here’s my invoice. Here’s my discovery questionnaires. To complete the discovery questionnaires, we’ll schedule a kickoff meeting and and the company presentation, and we’ll get started. So now we’ve kind of create our work back schedule at least through June. And right now is the the survey should be going out this week. And I had my presentation, like I said on Tuesday and will start kick offs probably for the brand messaging and the brand logo probably first or second week of June.

00:16:47:19 – 00:17:08:06

Right? So that’s kind of like how that process went. It was a pretty smooth process. She already knew, you know, mostly she was like, Oh, I just loved your personality and I loved your work and your logo. And you happen to also have a lot of great local brands on your website that I noticed. You know, I have the Pennyroyal Research Institute, for example, that she noticed right away.

00:17:08:12 – 00:17:29:13

Brian Jones. So she really noticed some like big local brands that are in town. And so she was like, Oh, well, maybe if you work with those guys, I, you must be really more awesome than everybody else. So anyway, so she was like really stoked about seeing those brands locally and liked my video, like my work there, an engineering sort of focused firm.

00:17:29:13 – 00:17:48:23

And so she liked that I had a really clear case studies of my process and how I operate, because being an engineer, that’s what they care about is sort of the process and procedures around why it costs, what it costs. And so she really they really the operations team really also found that valuable. And so that’s how I did a sort of a quick sell on that one.

00:17:48:23 – 00:18:10:08

That wasn’t a lot of wooing, actually. Yeah. My portfolio and I guess sort of like obviously the I guess the brands that I had in my portfolio were enough to kind of seal the deal, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that was a fun thing this week. I don’t know. I’m very cool. Presenting to those folks was really fun getting their company survey prepared.

00:18:10:08 – 00:18:34:13

It was also fun and so I await how they answer their discovery questionnaire from the ops team and how the company employees answer the survey question. So we will be digesting a lot here. Yeah, and then we’ll have a really great baseline from their employees and their ops teams to then really do a fleshed out, you know, brand messaging strategy.

00:18:34:19 – 00:18:55:21

And also for me, the visual side of things like because words inspire creativity, they inspire her sometimes my sketches, so sometimes I’ll do word games or I’ll do whatever to help inspire like, okay, but this, this is what the business is about and this is what they do and this is who they are. And Fandom’s words really inspired my sketches.

00:18:55:23 – 00:19:24:07

And so it’s going to be good. I’m really excited about this work. I’m really going about this process as a business owner over here, Ember Design, I’m really stoked because I might have solidified, you know, in the next six months worth of payments with the new payment plan that I kind of put in place with this. It was like 25% upon concrete, completed run, 25% after round to completion of either or the brand messaging or logo work, get a payment and then 50% upon completion.

00:19:24:12 – 00:19:40:19

So I was kind of really stoked about kind of how that payment plan terms and conditions were as well. So it’s like, okay, sweet, I’m kind of set up at least for the next four to 4 to 5 months, you know, now through the we hope to be done by November for their December conference. So that was also kind of like, okay, sweet.

00:19:40:19 – 00:20:02:16

So from now until it gets to be October, I know I’m going to make X. So as a business owner, I was like, Sweet. You have a shored up some funds for a little while. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So I felt pretty good too to nail as a business owner. We’ll be calling you soon about the website because as you know, if I’m going to design the website, I need content.

00:20:02:16 – 00:20:25:03

Like I can design one heck of a great website, but if I don’t have really great videography, if I don’t have really great copywriting, images, photography, you know, a strategy for page flow sales, funnels, calls to actions, if I don’t have a really great, you know, marketing strategy for them, I mean, their website will be dead on arrival and their marketing will be dead on arrival.

00:20:25:05 – 00:20:45:18

So that’s why I pull in my creative co op. You know, I call, I call you, I call Ashley, I call Brian Hardy. You know, I, I call my peeps that have their different disciplines that are, you know, that create a co-op that is, okay, I need a videographer, I need a copywriter, I need a developer. I need, you know, socialist idea.

00:20:45:18 – 00:21:12:14

Jason With the marketing strategy, I need paid, I need thrive advertising. Robin You know, so I need all these people to be successful to make my clients successful, right? Because like I kind of say in my life, I’m really damn good graphic designer and I’m really good at business consultations. I’m really good with branding and marketing strategy consultations, but like, I’m not good at videography, I’m not good at copyright.

00:21:12:14 – 00:21:32:05

I mean, I can kind of get you the gist of wordsmithing, but I’m not a wordsmith and I do not know coding. I will stay far, far away from WordPress and Shopify, but I know people that will get the job done and they’re we’re all vetted and I know they’re awesome business owners and I know they will all do good by this client.

00:21:32:05 – 00:21:55:23

So that’s kind of like, you know, you and I have known each other, like I said now for like almost eight years, and it’s turned from sort of, I guess, the wedding. And then it was my first video with, you know, between you and I. And then it was some bits with Brian Jones and some bits with another client that you had and then Haven and then, you know, so we’ve kind of done some, you know, kind of co partnering a little bit throughout the way.

00:21:55:23 – 00:22:11:14

And then I did my second video last April with you, right. Because, you know, it’s kind of a practice what you preach. Like I’m going to be in there in a business of creativity that is branding a marketing team. And I better practice what I preach and I better probably have have a really good, you know, about video.

00:22:11:14 – 00:22:35:04

I better have a really good what to expect video. You know, that is branding and marketing. And it better be gosh darn good because I cannot be the cobbler with poor shoes. I cannot be a dentist with bad teeth. So with all that said, that’s why I I’ll be calling you to help us with you know that videography and bonus points there just in Seattle so it wouldn’t be too hard for you to come down and help them out.

00:22:35:06 – 00:23:02:19

Yeah. Yeah. Well, thank you. Thank you for that. It’s really good to have a Rolodex. Yeah. Yeah, no kidding. I feel like I have a long Rolodex of, like, vendors. Yeah, but I need. I need this person. One of the things I’ve started to talk to my clients about is this. This survey from Forrester Research, and it cites this this statistic that 80% of the buyer’s journey is already completed by the time they pick up the phone.

00:23:02:21 – 00:23:29:11

And so, you know, your example with your client really illustrates that, right? They’ve probably they probably already made the decision to buy before that, before she picked up the phone and called you. And it also applies to them, right, where they’re marketing, their branding, their video. It needs to be on point because people are going to make buying decisions before they ever speak to a salesperson or, you know, or a consultant or whoever it is in that that serves that function.

00:23:29:13 – 00:23:45:21

And so that’s that’s been one of the things I’ve been talking to my clients about, is how are you showing up online? Is it engaging? And let’s look at your competition and is it are they more engaging than you or are you more engaging in them? Are you showing off your people better than they are, or are you showing your skills?

00:23:45:22 – 00:24:07:17

Are you making it easier for people to understand? Because yeah, people are busy. And if you’re not helping to educate the buyer that they’re making their decision and it might not be with, with your firm. Yeah, people it’s interesting that the people make choices to purchase a service or product through a very traditional sales funnel and it’s been tried and true.

00:24:07:18 – 00:24:22:19

You know, it’s like, what problem do you solve? Why do you why do you solve it? How do you solve it? Why is it unique and special? You know, you need to be if you can’t answer these questions right away to prospects, you know, what is the product? How is it going to make your life better, improve your life, make it better, Right?

00:24:22:22 – 00:24:44:04

So that’s what problem you solve. What makes you unique and special than everybody, everybody else out there doing it right. So why why you versus the competition? You know, are there any, you know, proof? Right. So is there any certifications? Do you have an education and a do you have, you know, whatever, you know, proof points or education in it that makes you superior than your competition?

00:24:44:10 – 00:24:58:21

And then tell me what to expect when working with you. And then finally kind of following up of like different qualified hires, whether it be like, oh, yeah, you know, you do this or you’ve done that or, you know, different qualifiers for them and then, hey, that product is super rad. That product or service. Yeah, it’s super rad.

00:24:58:21 – 00:25:19:08

Don’t believe me. Ask my clients, here’s some reviews, here’s some, you know, portfolio pieces. Here is, you know what I realize? Video testimonials. Ding, ding, ding. Which maybe I need some of those from you. So video your testimonies and then. Oh yeah, don’t believe them all. You believe them now. Sweet sign on the dotted line. Let’s get started.

00:25:19:08 – 00:25:34:17

Right. So it’s like that traditional thing. They need to be educated and build warm and fuzzy. They have to be like, Yeah, I want to hire this person. You answer. I like you said, 80% of the questions are like, okay, what do they do? Want to do it? Well, services to the office is where their capability is. Okay, check, check, check, check, check.

00:25:34:23 – 00:25:50:24

Okay. Now I think I’m actually ready to pick up the phone and call them and inquire more about specifically about my project or my services. Right. Right. And they’ve pretty much decided by the time to pick up the phone. And so, yeah, from my presence, that person was ready to rumble. As soon as I mentioned you pick up on, she was like ready to rumble.

00:25:50:24 – 00:26:08:08

She’s like, I already know anything about you. Already been your website are you know what you do, how you do it, Why? I was like, Great, Yeah, yeah. Awesome. Well, my website is working because I have to have my website because I’m in the industry. It better be on lock point if I’m going to tell others how to do it.

00:26:08:10 – 00:26:32:13

I better have the sort of the the same thing going on over here. Yeah. And that’s where that’s where we can help clients, right? Where we can help them with their online presence. Because if, I mean, I can think of a few exceptions, but, but besides those your websites, your storefront, and if you’re not representing well, if you’re not positioned well, yeah, you people are going to choose other companies over you.

00:26:32:13 – 00:26:55:14

They’re going to about not that positioning. It’s about you want them to pick up the phone and pretty much already want to work with you by the time they pick up the phone. I think the bounce rates like what people did, we were such because of social media. Now our attention spans are like nothing. So it’s premature if you can’t if you don’t look presentable or reputable within like ten, 10 seconds or less, 5 seconds or less, maybe maybe less, 3 seconds or less, you can’t be reputable.

00:26:55:16 – 00:27:15:24

As soon as someone comes to your website, they bounce by like, Oh, you don’t look professional laugh. Oh, you don’t solve my problem. Oh, okay, I’m out. Like, I’ll go find somebody else. Like, people bounce really quick. They don’t have high attention spans, so you really do have to nail it really quick. Yeah. Captivate them, engage them really, really quick and make it easy for them to like, call to actions.

00:27:15:24 – 00:27:39:08

Like what do you want people to do? What you want them to start the conversation or do you want them to buy something? Or do you think what do you want them to download something like? What do you want them to do? Like be quick marketing must do? And I think between, you know, really great visuals, really great video, you know, I think that’ll help with that buyer’s journey.

00:27:39:10 – 00:28:06:16

I agree. I think. Do you concur? What is that from the from like do you concur? It’s that he because he pretends to be catch me if you can. Mm. Yeah. But Leonardo DiCaprio and like Tom Hanks. Yeah, that was good. And he’s like, he pretends to be like the pilot and then he pretends to be the doctor and that’s where he’s like, Do you concur?

00:28:06:18 – 00:28:29:01

Well, yes, I concur. Wow. Okay. I just pull a rabbit out of a hat on that random reference. Oh, my goodness. Okay. You had to know we were going to go down some side streets in this conversation. I mean, I feel like we could banter for a while between you and I. We’ve kind of had like, per like, personal turn business turn friendship.

00:28:29:06 – 00:28:53:19

Now, over the course of eight years, for example, you know, for our listeners, Taylor and his friends stayed at our house a couple weeks ago on his way from Bellingham to Moab, because here at my house we are about halfway between. We’re in the greater Boise area, so halfway between Moab and Bellingham is Boise. And so we posted them up on my way through going to and from.

00:28:53:21 – 00:29:13:00

So that was super fun to have you and your friends stay in our guest room between the Murphy bed and COTS. It was quite, quite a setup, but I think it worked out rather great. Yeah, Yeah, we got some. Some. What were those? Orange flavored cinnamon rolls? Yeah, they’re called No one or a carton calls them. Yeah, just orange rolls.

00:29:13:02 – 00:29:32:15

Orange rolls or. Yeah. Pillsbury pop them can orange rolls and sausages. I mean it’s just this easy slam dunk but the kids on a on a morning so yeah. You stayed bowl Friday nights which was super fun. I haven’t brewskis and drinks and hanging out so I’m really excited about that. I’m going to have to fly into Bellingham at some point and stay with you guys.

00:29:32:15 – 00:29:58:09

You and Allison. Yeah. Yeah. You always have to have a room with us. So anyways, you got any other closing thoughts or pitches or big things coming up? Yeah, right now I’m working on this is this is very early stages, but one of the things I’m working on is doing some education around hiring. I think hiring is it’s getting more and more competitive, especially in in construction.

00:29:58:09 – 00:30:20:23

I’ve been doing, you know, a fair amount of work within the construction industry and just realizing, you know, you look at the amount of people that are going into the trades that’s falling off in the next decade, 40% of the workforce in construction is going to retire. You look at population trends and I think it grew .12 percent in the U.S. So population is not growing.

00:30:21:00 – 00:30:42:18

And so one of the things I’ve been thinking about is helping companies recruit with really dialed video content for for hiring. And so for some companies, it’s going to be trying to attract business. But right now in construction, it’s about how do you attract the right people? So stay tuned for a presentation from from I could talk to about that.

00:30:42:18 – 00:31:07:01

That’s interesting to me and we’ll take it offline. I think we’ve probably tapped out our bandwidth for people’s attention span. So yes, yes. Thank you so much for today. I really, really appreciate your time and the conversation from a business business perspective and my personal personal note. So I really appreciate you today. Thank you. This episode of Amber Energy, the podcast.

00:31:07:01 – 00:31:23:00

Stay tuned for next time. Thanks for having me. I.


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