What makes a good logo?

August 21, 2018

Your logo is the foundation and center-piece of your brand. It is an investment that you can have for a lifetime. Nailing this important foundational piece is critical. The font(s), symbol, layout, color(s) and tone tell your consumers a lot about your brand. It can say ‘friendly’ or strong by the color option, it could say what industry you’re in by the font choice. Your logo is a first impression about you and your company. It needs to be simple, scalable, appropriate, memorable, and timeless.

The simplicity of a logo makes creating it look so easy. Not everyone understands the process and time that goes into creating a custom logo. A good logo follows a creative process that ensures a final solution where the client is happy and proud. It starts with a brief and discovery. This questionnaire guides the design team in a clear direction. Then the designer researches, gets inspired and sketches symbols and layouts. The designer might do a competitive analysis to understand the industry and what the consumers needs might be. Sketching around the brief and research is arguably one of the most important phases. There is reflection, feedback and rounds of revisions and refinement involved before delivering the final design solution. It’s important to include the client in various parts of the process to make sure you and your team is on the same page.

Start-up costs for a brand and company can be steep and an experienced designer may not be in the initial budget. Many owners try to hire their sister’s boyfriend or distant friend who’s an artist to try and save money. These examples can lead to time wastes and headaches. I always say “hire the right tool for the right job”. In the long run you’ll be better off paying for someone who knows what they’re doing. Start your company off on the right foot and hire a graphic designer with experience, creativity and a good process. This will save you heartache and money.

Now that you have invested into a wonderful logo foundation, it’s time to build the brand. Next projects could include packaging, a professional website including lifestyle and product photography, sales materials, brochures, social media and swag. When building your brand it’s important to get your name and story out in the public eye. If there are events where you can have a booth I would recommend you attend with cool swag. Introduce people to your brand, the quality of your product and story. You might consider a brand launch and paying for online advertising. If people don’t see your product or service then you won’t succeed.

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