What’s a Sales Funnel? #BuildingYourBusiness Series

May 16, 2022

What the *fu#k* is a Sales Funnel?? Getting a customer to visit your website is usually pretty easy. but what makes them stay there to look around? What pushes them forward on the path to purchase rather than pushing them to close out their tab?

Closing a sale of any kind through marketing tactics is hardly ever an accident. Customers buy products and sign up for services because they’re more than just curious–they’ve bought in. And they’ll only buy in with confidence if you lead them there with a sales funnel.

“Those value propositions of why your product is so superior from the competition. So then through client/customer reviews, different certifications, different things like that, of why you’re superior…and then you can be like “BUY NOW! Because we’re so awesome! And now you know you need it because we’ve proven to you why it’s so awesome. And then not just buy this product but buy this support product that goes with it.”

This episode of Amber Energy is part of our #BuildingYourBusiness Series which is meant for the newer and/or hopeful business owner to help give them the tools to start and nurture their business. Our last #BYB series episode is all about logos–check it out if you havent listened to it yet!!

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Are you a hopeful or brand new business owner? Do you need help developing your own sales funnels? Let’s get on a consult call to find out!

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