Ch-Ch-Changes! Embracing Change Instead of Resisting

May 31, 2022

Change can be exciting but more often it is daunting and fills a lot of us with doubt which leads to resistance. Recently at Amber Design we made a pretty big change; our CEO Amber Jacobs moved to Idaho! This episode dives into why embracing change will always serve you better than resisting it.

You need to be confident in what you want. If you feel like a broken record, complaining about your life to everyone around you, that’s the sign that something needs to change.

Amber Energy got a little more personal in this episode with both Amber and Rachel’s take on change, how to know when you need one and how to embrace it when. it comes. We strive to serve business owners and designers in all the ways. Sometimes that means the technical stuff like logos and marketing tactics, and sometimes we push more of a “human” button and we talk about things like change, being a parent while running a business, and other more personal topics.

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