Making My Passion Part of My Career.

January 20, 2020

Click, Click, Boom! Showcasing Photography as a service.

For a very long time I’ve enjoyed photography, it’s another outlet for my artistic passions. I love capturing people in the moment, animals in their natural environment, or beautiful scenery I encounter along my many adventures. The phrase “gotta catch em all” sometimes runs through my head as I’m feverishly snapping photos. I love sharing what I’m able to capture on social media, as well as printing and framing them for friends and family. Historically, my subject matter has been family events and hiking trips but lately it has been my son, Caden. I love setting up and art directing his monthly progress photoshoots, using them as opportunities to experiment with lighting and camera settings to capture his best looks.

Someone much smarter than me once said “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. So, it only seems like a logical step to merge my passion for photography with my design and marketing collateral services. I’ve spent the last several years honing my photography skills, ensuring I have what it takes. I’ve taken classes from professional photographers to learn from their years of experience, bought far too many camera lenses (ok, maybe you can’t have too many camera lenses), as well as all the necessary lighting, backdrops and miscellaneous equipment.

I recommend all my clients get professional and genuine photos as content for their website and social media instead of stock options (photos of your team and products are more effective than simple stock images). In the past, I would suggest image ideas that I believe would look best with the designs I’ve created. This leads to a lot of back and forth between myself and either the client or photographer. With me being able to offer the photography, I can make this a seamless process, taking the photos needed to best round out the design process. I began offering this type of photography on-the-side to existing clients who’ve needed some quick studio product photography for packaging or ecommerce websites when we were in a time crunch when working with Autel RoboticsLegendary Foods and J. Wilbur Foods.

In November, I did a product and product lifestyle shoot for J. Wilbur Foods. It worked out great! I created a mood board for the owner to approve the direction of the shoot. J. Wilbur Foods supplied the ingredients and models for me to art direct in the beautiful eatery space at Bluewater Distillery. I captured the bartender and patrons creating and enjoying Bloody Mary’s with and without product in the images. And set up a mini studio to do product shots of white and black backgrounds for his website and Amazon. The owners, models and myself were super pleased and proud of the results. When the client and models couldn’t wait to share the images in marketing collateral and on social media, that’s a huge win!

I’m already scheduled to shoot wedding engagement photos, an event for the city of Everett later this month as well as a wedding this summer. I’m making that leap, combining my passion and career. Let me bring that passion to the table to help you create genuine content for your company. Call or email to book your shoot today.


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